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About #PomoLandBack

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Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF, also known as "the Jackson") is a 48,652 acre Public Forest in Mendocino County, CA managed by Cal Fire. Under the Guise of Developing “Sustainable Forest Management” Policy and Practices, it is subjected to routine logging and land degradation.

Logging is a major source of CO2 emissions because less than half the wood in a tree is usable as lumber.  The rest is burned or quickly decays in a landfill. Typically up to 80% of stored carbon is released into the atmosphere in the short term.


"Thinning" operations actually cause a large net decrease of forest carbon storage and a net increase in emissions. "Thinning" sounds benign, but such projects often kill and remove more than 70 percent of the trees in a given stand, including many old-growth trees, or very large second-growth, as in the Caspar 500 timber harvest plan.

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